Pictures from the Cooking Class

Last week I had a cooking class with 21 women at my home. Since I was busy conducting the class, my kind neighbor. Kathie, took pictures for me of the food and of my house decorated for the 4th. She put them on her blog and I have copied the decorating ones below. Tomorrow I will share the recipes and food pictures from her blog.

Celebrating the 4th of July!

We all know that family traditions evolve over time, but its fun to glean and gather ideas from others to add to our own traditions.

Its just plain fun to throw a party now and then! And our neighbor, Jean, knows just how to do it! I got the date mixed up and knocked at her door a day early. Oh my, I felt a bit foolish to have come on the wrong day but so glad I got a glimpse of her preparations so I could come back the next day bearing my camera. Her front door was so welcoming and festive and un-mistakenly patriotic. All of her decorations radiated warmth and friendliness.



There is nothing like fresh blooming plants to make a lovely statement. Notice Jean’s old trunk container.


Hat boxes, baskets, jars and planters of every size and style are re-cycled through the year to make the current holiday extraordinary.

_DSC0454 Patio table decorated with flags & lantern.


The entry table held a basket with a gift for each guest. These were New England poppers, hand made inexpensively by Tanja . The treat inside was not only taffy, but the poppers were filled with such things as a paper crown and a joke inside each!


The tables were festively arranged with paper, glass, tin and plastic dishware, all combined artfully and inexpensively. Paper drink umbrellas and pinwheels were made from paper patterns that you can print out from Martha Stewart Clipart . Making your own decorations will give you a great feeling of accomplishment.



Red & white tablecloth below is really a quilt used as a cover.


Jean demonstrates pinwheel that she printed off and made from the Martha Stewart link above._DSC0475

Jean got lots of friends involved with the preparation of the food. Each food presentation was very beautiful as well as tasty. Getting others involved and sharing the cooking and food preparation make the hard part of a party easy.


Using pottery batter bowls, glass candy jars, baskets, lanterns and even a little red wagon to hold red white and blue candies, were charming and creative. We all went home with our heads full of inspiration and our tummies full of yummy foods, thanks to all who participated.


_DSC0449 Country decor includes patriotic pillows with red, white & blue.

_DSC0453 Napkins simply strung on a piece of string to make this garland.


Invitations were decorated popsicle sticks that were put in an envelope loose and then the recipient put together the puzzle.


Luminary sacks were lit to decorate the railing.

_DSC0488Red licorice in a bowl,


Fabric buntings-eased onto a rod.


Cute “chalkboard” made out of recycled cupboard front.

Happy 4th!! Tomorrow I will share the recipes for the yummy desserts


Beth at Aunties said...

Wow... I am inspired to hurry and do something to make this Holiday memorable for those who will be coming.
It is all last minute as is their decision to appear and only for during the day on Saturday. (I will take what I can get!!!:-)

Jean, it all looks amazing. You never cease to surprise me with your glorious talents and creativeness!

Enjoy a fun and safe fabulous fourth!
I am looking forward to the recipes:)

Rhonda said...

Wow! That is amazing! You did a fabulous job decorating. Would have loved to come to your class...how fun!!

I'm impressed. That's making my flag in my door arrangement seem quite pitiful. I will do better...you have inspired me! Thanks for sharing!

Frugal Fine Living said...

Wow ... just wow! Everything looks incredible!

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am following your blog, so I'll be back!