Friend Makin' Monday-April in Paris

Today Jolanthe at No Ordinary Moments is hosting Friend makin' Monday.
Our task is to tell the best or worst vacation I've ever taken and to tell places that I would like to go on a vacation. Since this is the time for vacations this is a fun one to think about. I have had a lot of great vacations. One that was so fun was to the Loire valley in France. A friend of ours was care taking a chateau for a year and suggested that we visit him there. We landed in Paris first on the first day of April so it was really like the song, April in Paris. Then we drove to the beautiful valley in central France known for it's chateaus (or castles) . Fred, and the two of us were the only ones that used the beautiful centuries old castle except for the owner had a German Shepherd and he was also on the property. The gorgeous, intricately carved, 20 ' tall iron gate greeted us and I was taken by the wonderful old architecture there as well as the beautiful grounds with spring just peeping through the ground. There were very old trees on the large property and a lovely stream meandering through it. It was so fairy tale-like. Each day we would go with Fred to a different brachant (flea market). I would tell Fred what I would like to buy, and with his perfect French would bargain for the goods. I did pretty well with my high school french and pointing to buy the fresh bakery items at each small town's patisserie--croissants and french bread or wonderful pastry with custard and raisins. Fred knew each town's special little cafe' which were family-owned so he would take us to a different one each night. After dinner we would walk the streets of the little villages as he would tell us the history of it. One of the towns history was Joan of Ark. I loved the ages old handmade cement planters at each home filled with trailing flowers that were so welcoming as we walked past. Every picture I took was post card-worthy because it was so beautiful from the primroses along the bank of the stream to simple front doors to the rooftops. We were there just a week. It was just the best vacation ever! I wish I could post pictures of it for you.
Some other places I would like to visit are:
Umbria, Italy
Kirkland, Ohio
Victoria, Canada
and back to France
What was your best vacation? To read more click here.
I hope you are enjoying your summer no matter where you are.


Anonymous said...

ooo awesome awesome vacation that you got to experience!

Emily said...

I posted about our vacation to Umbria...it was amazing over there! Loved reading about France.

Beth at Aunties said...

Oh J, I wish I could visit there someday. My husband served his mission in the Paris France Mission. Someday!
I loved your pictures and what a beautiful memory you have spent with your husband.

We are headed to the Sawtooths ( up by Miss Wenderful) this week close to Sun Valley for another family reunion. I am trying to get ready for it and we will be able to see 8 of our grandchildren all together. So I bought bubbles...another idea from my friend just south of me! Thanks. :)

Tina said...

WOW....a castle! That is a dream vacation....

Happy FMM!

Ave said...

Italy is in my list also. And visiting France could be fun.

Rhonda said...

Wow! Sounds like an AWESOME vacation! Thanks for sharing!

jenjen said...

What a wonderful trip! Good list! Hope you had luck with your errands today!


Jolanthe said...

That sounds like an AMAZING vacation!!

Happy FMM!

The Fajdich Times said...

Nice vacation!

wenderful said...

Hi Mom! You should find those pictures and scan them in and post them. I remember you taking pictures there with Dad.
What a fun idea for a post. Hope you are having fun with Barbara. I'll post pics of our recent adventures with the horse and cow that are currently in our pasture.

Rona's Home Page said...

How cool!
We're enjoying 100+ degree weather in hot Las Vegas.