Thrift Store Gift Idea

Do you ever need just a little something to give as a gift for a friend to tell them you are thinking about them, to wish them a speedy recovery or a happy day?  Here's an idea I recently saw on a local TV show.
Take a thrift store cup and saucer (I found these for 50 cents apiece)
Tie onto the handle a some assorted ribbons--these were mostly scraps I'd saved from presents received.
Buy or make a pretty cupcake--I purchased this one from my grocery store for $1.29
Put the cupcake into the cup. 
Add a coordinated paper filler to the saucer.  
I didn't have any pink filler so I just used ribbons.Place the cup on top of the filler.
Add a card. 
Wrap it all in cellophane and give with a smile.  This is just one suggestion for filling the cup.  What other ideas can you think of to use this idea?
I am linking up to Tutorial Tuesday with today's post.  Visit here for more ideas and how-to.


a little bit of everything said...

Such a cute idea! Love it!

Sue said...

Pretty appealing gift! Nice.


Marie said...

Very nice gift Jean. I bet some jelly beans, assorted colours would be nice in there as well. Jelly Bellys! (Popcorn flavour, my favourite!) xxoo

Beth at Aunties said...

A darling idea!!!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I love this idea...in my circle we call these "little happys"!

Jerri said...

Very cute! Thanks for sharing!