Spring Flower Centerpiece Tutorial

I just wanted to share an easy way to make a centerpiece.  This one is for Spring as some of us are still waiting for it to happen in our yards!  So, you can bring those lovely spring flowers into your home now and then plant them in your yard when the weather gets warm enough (hopefully that will be soon).  So, here's the tutorial:
 Begin with your container.  I started with a large ceramic bowl which is 23" in diameter and I guaged the amount of flowers needed to fill it.  If you have a smaller one, you could probably use less flowers.
 Next line it with some greenery. I  had to use some fake greenery for filler but it you can cut some from your yard you are lucky enough to have green in your yard.
First add the tallest plants in the center of the bowl..  Mine are white bleeding hearts that I found at Home Depot while I was there buying some light bulbs.  I purchased three bleeding hearts, (which are biennial) in 6" pots for $6.00 each.
Next I added four azaleas.  I placed them on their side so that the flowers would flow up and over the side of the bowl.  I purchased these at my grocery store in their flower section ($5.50 each).

Next you need some filler plants.  I  picked up 3 pots of chives at about $3.00 each at Home Depot.  It is nice to have the variety of textures. This grass-like texture shows up next to the small leaves of the azaleas and because these pots were biodegradable and kind of pliable it was easy to squish them to fit in areas that needed a filler.

 This is an overhead shot of all the plants in the bowl.  You can see each pot and its rim which isn't very attractive.
The finishing item is the green sheet moss that is added to hide the pot rims, dirt and any gaps left .  You could use spanish moss as well. Be sure to mist the whole thing every day to keep it moist.
This spring bowl was the centerpiece of our Easter Brunch and will continue to add beauty in the center of my table until I can transplant them outside.


jenjen said...

It was incredibly beautiful. You have such a knack for making your home beautiful!


Nancy's Notes said...

What an creative and beautiful centerpiece, truly outstanding! Thanks for sharing!


Andrea said...

That is gorgeous! I love it!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

That is gorgeous. You used some large plants indoors...I've never done that, but I may try it when I get home. I'm still in Florida helping my mom recover. My husband is sending me pictures of the things blooming in our yard!

Americana Lady said...

I really love this centerpiece! After reading your tutorial, I have a question. How do you water the plants since your bed of bottom greenery would prevent water from going in the bowl? Thanks, Joan

Tricia said...

SO gorgeous -- and you make it look easy! I am definitely going to try this idea soon.