Friend Making Monday

Today is Friend Makin' Monday courtesy of our hostess Kasey at All That is Good
Our task today is to tell 10 reasons why I love Summer. This one is easy for me because:
1. I love to be warm. It is almost certain that the weather will cooperate in summer to keep us nice and warm. I love that I can put on one layer of clothes and be comfortable.
2. I love to see the beauty of nature in its wonderous glory--the pinks, and the yellows, and the corals and reds and the vibrant greens.
3. I love sunglasses, sandals, t-shirts, and short pants.
4. I love to go out in the morning and walk the neighborhood and to see which flowers are blooming and how the lawns are nicely mowed and the trees all green.
5. I love to hear children laughing in the swimming pool.
6. I love picnic foods. Also, it is fun to switch over to summer foods--bbq's, salads, ice cream.
7. I love how the nights here are warm, as well as the daytime.
8. I love summer night concerts in the park and the sound of crickets at night, fireflies and frogs croaking.
9. I love to work in the yard and watch my plants grow as I baby them with water and fertilizer.
10. I love the smell of newly mowed grass.
I could go on and on, and wish to list 20, but I won't today.
I love summer!
I hope you do too. To learn more about other summer 10's click here.


jenjen said...

Happy FMM mom! Cute pictures! I think I inherited my love of Summer form you. Good list. I am ready for the 90's!!!


The Un-Organized Mom said...

Great list!! I had so many more things I wanted to add to mine, working in the yard is one of them!!

Tina said...

Happy FMM!

Love the pictures....

Don't you just love summer....great list.

wenderful said...

All great things about summer. Can't wait to see you in July and enjoy the warm nights and swimming pool. :)

Beth at Aunties said...

A great post of summer fun! Your sweet grandchildren always look just happy to be!

Summertime is so full of delights...and many of yours are also mine! :-)

Lins said...

Nature truly is beautiful in the Summer! Happy FMM!

Rona's Home Page said...

I loved summers in San Diego. In Vegas, not so much.

Tracey@Aloha Monkeys said...

Great list! Here's to warm summer nights =)

Rhonda said...

Like your pics and list!! I forgot about concerts in the park!

Children's laughter...is the best!

Yes, I will post garden pics! Your daughter's garden is progressing quicker than mine! (Jen)

Hope you have a fabulous, blessed week!

Kris said...

The sound of children's laughter is music to my ears too!! I love the pictures...thank you so much for stopping by my place for FMM!

Marie said...

Love your summer things Jean. I think that last picture of you with your grand-daughter is adorable!

Trudy said...

This is a wonderful list...I love it! I was going to list children laughing and playing too but got carried away with everything else!

Happy FMM, on Tuesday, LOL!

All About Aleigha said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.I love the smell of fresh cut grass as well. Great list.